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Vending machine cups

From production to despatch: With thermoforming systems from Bellaform, the complete production process can be handled with only one system: from production to stacking and ultimately to the packaging of the cups.

Top distribution of heat: The Inline concept of our systems improves the distribution of heat in the foil. Consequently, it is possible to obtain much thinner and more even wall thicknesses than it was with the processing of roll material.

Multi layer extrusion: We would also be happy to turn the integrated extrusion line into a multi layer extrusion line. This facilitates an almost endless combination of regrind and recycling layers, colours and antistatic layers.

Low energy and without waste: The thermoforming systems from Bellaform cause significantly lower energy costs than the production with roll material. Furthermore, the residue is fed directly back to the manufacturing process, which prevents additional waste.

Options: Vending machine cups
Material PS
Exterior diametermmApprox. 65-85, typically 70.3
Wall thicknessmm0,2-0,6
HightmmApprox. 70-120, typically 85
Cycles/minMax. 33 cycles
Outputu/h100 000 (diameter of 70.3 mm)

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