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Additional Equipment

Vacuum tanks:

Calibrating tubes and hoses via a vacuum through venturi nozzles.

We offer you 2 types of vacuum tanks for products with a max. exterior diameter of 40 and 80 mm. An integration in already installed systems is possible without much effort.

Cooling troughs:

Special sizes? No problem:
We would also be glad to produce special sizes customised for your productions line. Please do not hesitate to speak with us!

Minimal energy consumption:
To optimise your use of energy, we can equip our cooling troughs with a cover and insulation. This lets you achieve the best results in energy consumption.


Identical takeoff speeds with the use of servo drives.

We offer you 6 different takeoffs that have varying speeds, contact lengths and exerted forces.

Cutting tools:

For continuous and discontinuous use. Also for your extrusion line.

We offer you

  • Servo Cutter
  • Cyclo Cutter
  • Pull Cutter
  • Cutter C2000
  • Flying Saw
  • Rotation Cutter

Pull Cutter 2020 - Take Off and Cutter


  • Synchronous distance spacing of the upper and lower carts
    (for consistent product centre)
  • No influence of the weight on the pressure - “Weightless upper and lower carts“
  • Diameter changes to the product will cause the upper and lower carts to “deflect“
    to prevent damage to the belts.
  • Belt pressure can be set
  • Take-off belts in the usual Bellaform design
  • Side guidance of the product by rollers. The roller distance can be set with a
    handwheel at the roller guide.
  • Servo drive – with a motor
  • Direct drive without toothed belt
  • Inner protective cover for visual (and mechanical) of the belt area

Stacking and packaging equipment:

Completely automatic filling of cardboard and storerooms.

We offer you flexible operation with variostacking for lengths between 80 and 800 mm e.g. for

  • cotton swabs
  • lolly sticks
  • drains

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