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Pull Cutter 2020 - Take Off and Cutter

Take Off

  • Synchronous distance spacing of the upper and lower carts (for consistent product centre)
  • No influence of the weight on the pressure - “Weightless upper and lower carts“
  • Diameter changes to the product will cause the upper and lower carts to “deflect“ to prevent damage to the belts.
  • Belt pressure can be set
  • Take-off belts in the usual Bellaform design
  • Side guidance of the product by rollers. The roller distance can be set with a handwheel at the roller guide.
  • Servo drive – with a motor
  • Direct drive without toothed belt
  • Inner protective cover for visual (and mechanical) of the belt area


Technical Details - Take Off

Take-off length (mm)


Width (mm)


Belt distance (mm)


Speed (m/min)


Drive output of the servo motor


Options  - Take Off

  • Belt spacing adjusted electromechanically with measurement and display of the spacing
  • Passage monitoring of the product with a counting wheel
  • Quick opening – in case of fault, the lower and upper carts move to max. distance
  • Belt distance setting – automatic setting from the product list (in combination with BELLEX)
  • Pressure of the belts – automatic setting from the product list (in combination with BELLEX)
  • Belt tensioned pneumatically – automatic setting from the product list
    (in combination with BELLEX)



  • The entire cutting unit can be moved (250 mm) in order to make it easier to thread in the product into the cutting guide.
  • Movement takes place pneumatically with end position Monitoring.
  • The cutting guide can also be replaced as a whole without losing the setting (knife gap or cutting position).
  • The position of the cutting guide is monitored with a proximity Switch.
  • The cutting unit has a double protective cover (with locking switches).
  • In setup mode, the guides on the inlet and outlet sides can be set securely (inner protective cover with latch around the knife beam).
  • Inner cover via adjustment and motor for optimal product guidance 


Technical Details - Cutter

Product diameter (mm)

max. 30

Wall thickness (mm)

max. 2,5

Operating modes

Continuous/Start-Stop 180 °/Start-Stop 300°

Drive output of the water-cooled servo motor

12 kW


Options - Cutter

  • Below the cutting guide, an output belt can be installed for the cut product pieces.

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