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Eye and cajal pencils

From production to despatch: Our additional stacking and packaging equipment lets the entire production process be handled with only one system. From production, to cutting, stacking and packaging.

Precise and efficient: With their high output, our extrusion lines ensure inexpensive production with very precise products.

Top quality: Our extrusion line PE 7000 lets you produce already filled eye and cajal pencils in one work step. Thanks to our developed patented technology, the pencils are very high quality and durable.

Numerous forms, colours and designs: The extrusion lines from Bellaform let you create pencils in the widest range of colours and forms. Printing and sharpening is also possible with the quick and easy addition of supplementary components.



Eye and cajal pencil


PP + propellant, PS + PE + propellant

Exterior diameter

mmMax. 14



cut or sawed as you wish



For direct filling: 20, depending on product diameter other: 30, depending on product diameter

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