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Drinking straws

Highest production speed: Our lines produce drinking straws at a maximum speed of 350 m/min. This lets you achieve an extremely high production output.

Variety in colour and design: Bellaform lines offer you countless design possibilities. Consequently, the drinking straws can be manufactured in various colours or with stripes. Furthermore, there is the option of equipping them with a turning or creasing station.

45° cut: With our lines you have the option of incorporating the drinking straws directly during production with a bevel cut or also with a 45° cut.

Twice the speed: With Bellaform systems, drinking straws (up to 4mm in diameter) can also be produced in a double strand procedure. As a result, the production speed increases to 500 m/min.

Options: Drinking straws
Material PP
Exterior diametermm3-12
Wall thicknessmm0,06-0,18
Length Cut to the customer's specifications
Speedm/minMax. 350, depending on product diameter
Double strand (up to 4 mm in diameter): 500


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