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Polymer pencils

57,000 pencils per shift: Bellaform systems have extremely high output. This lets you produce 57,000 pencils per shift with the system (pencil length of 168 mm).

One work process: With the system, polymer pencils can be produced in one single, continuous work process. Up to 30 individual work steps that are necessary for the production of traditional wood pencils are collected in one process.

Many additional components: In our system, many components can be integrated to expand the extrusion line into a pencil factory. Such as: additional equipment for the printing, sharpening, adding erasers or direct packaging systems.

Options: Pencils and coloured pencils
Material Patented Bellaform mixture
Exterior diametermm8-12
Length cut and stacked
Speedm/minMax. 20, depending on product diameter

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