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Shear roll for Powder Injection Moulding Applications

Highly homogenous mixing: Bellaform shear roll mixing systems are the best, continually working processing machines for melting, homogenising, dispersing, compressing and granulating. They generate very homogenous mixing results of all ingredients.

The finest dispersion: Up to 25% of the expensive colour pigments can be saved through the fine dispersion of the shear rolls. This increases the efficiency of your production and helps you succeed in a very competitve market.

Processing of tough materials: Even the processing of tough materials such as MIM and CIM applications is no problem for our patented shear roll systems.

Visual control at all times: The very accessible design of the machines makes it possible to control all the processes at any time quickly and easily as well as correct them. This is also beneficial for a quick and easy cleaning after possible product changes.

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