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Multi layer extrusion lines ME 40, ME 60, ME 100

Ideal for multi layer products: Our multi layer lines are specially designed for the production of multi layer pipes, profiles and hoses with a maximum of seven layers.

Variable in material and colour: By providing multiple layers with only one line, it is easy to combine the widest range of materials with each other. The production costs can be reduced by combining high-quality and inexpensive materials without having to sacrifice quality. There are also no limits placed on the colour.

High speed: Our lines work at a high production speed, which generates tremendous output - max. of 350 m/min!

From drawing to product: We develop the perfect line for your production requirements. Beginning with the drawing all the way to final, professional implementation. Jointly we create for you the best production conditions for your product.


Type ME40ME60ME100



Max. exterior diameter


Max. extrusion speed


* Depends on material and on layer design


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