Bellaform GmbH, Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH, Pütz Group
Bellaform GmbH, Pütz Prozessautomatisierung GmbH, Pütz Group
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Transport trays

40,000 pots per hour: Quickly and economically, our systems produce up to a max. of 40,000 pots per hour.

Making a hole in the bottom of the pot: With Bellaform systems, important features of trays and flower pots can easily be added during further processing. The bottom of pots can be punched or a slit can be added to the edge of the pot to insert instructions.

Trays and pots with one system: With our systems, flower pots and the corresponding trays can be produced together with only one system.

Low energy and without waste: The thermoforming systems from Bellaform cause significantly lower energy costs than the production with roll material. Furthermore, the residue is fed directly back to the manufacturing process, which prevents additional waste.

Options: Transport trays
Material PP with filling material, 100% milling product
Exterior diametermmMax. 200
Wall thicknessmmMax. 2
HightmmMax. 200
Cycles/minMax. 24 Cycles
Outputu/h40 000

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