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INF 400/INF 2000

High output: With the thermoforming system INF 400/2000 from Bellaform, you will achieve maximum output for your cup production.

Perfect cup production: Our thermoforming INF systems are specially designed for drinking cup production from polystyrene. This lets you achieve the best results.

Energy saving and without waste: Since the heating of the foil is not necessary with Bellaform systems, energy requirements decrease substantially. Furthermore, the resulting waste is returned directly to the production process. An enviromentally-friendly way of thermoforming.



 INF 400INF 2000
Material PSPS

Max. material throughput, gross


Foil thickness


Max. forming surface

mm680 x 850680 x 850

Product dimensions:


Exterior diameter*


Max. height


Max. cycle time, former


* Other dimensions upon request

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